Home emergency call for seniors and their families

A home emergency system that thinks ahead

ellio is a smart device, that detects unusual inactivity of elderly people living alone and informs relatives via app.

Don't worry: everything is okay.

Caregivers or nursing relatives cannot always be there or call every day. Seniors living alone want to remain self-determined for as long as possible. With ellio in the home, seniors stay independent, and family members still have the lasting assurance: the person living alone is active and well. Everything is okay.

Everything regarding ellio for family members
Intellegent home emergency call informs with the app

A smart inactivity detector

The ellio device is placed in a central location in the senior apartment, e.g. in the hallway, in front of the bathroom or the kitchen. The inactivity detector is adapted to the individual daily routine and detects, by using various parameters, if the person living alone is behaving unusually quiet. In case of irregularities, ellio informs relatives or caregivers via the app.

Overview family members ellio app
Easy to set up
Welcome to ellio
Setup ellio's keychain for aktivity tracking
set resting times
easy to use menu
Informs about inactivity

The tool for family members – the ellio app

Information about inactivity notification about inactivity via push message or mail
secured setup user-guided setup of the device
configuration of sleep and rest times configuration of sleep and rest times
free ellio app for family members free ellio app for family members

Emergency call bracelet not necessary, but possible:

The main weakness of an emergency bracelet is that seniors dislike wearing it and that it’s often forgotten. ellio is a home emergency system that thinks ahead. ellio contacts relatives, even without someone actively calling for help.

ellio is the alternative to the emergency call button for the elderly

The handy key chain

It allows ellio to detect whether the house key is in the apartment or not. There is also an emergency button on the tag which, when pressed twice, immediately informs the relatives via the app.
Additionally, ellio posesses an emergency call button on the device that, once pressed, instantly sends a message to the family app for families.

Emergency call button with key detection and fall sensors
Intellegent home emergency call as an alternative to the emergency alarm wristband

Senior-friendly operation

Elderly people living alone do not need to do any active actions themselves. ellio is positioned in the apartment and is connected with a power supply to the mains. With your ellio app, you can set up the device individually by using a user-friendly step-by-step guide.
You do not need any special technical know-how and the elderly relatives do not need a smartphone or app.

Families know if their relatives are doing well
Home emergency call without installation in the house

ellio sees without watching

ellio is a smart activity monitoring system for seniors. The device has an integrated motion sensor and can sense changes in temperature, sound, air quality and lighting condition. The intelligent home emergency system learns based on the individual daily routine and informs the app user, according to the personal settings.