intelligenter Hausnotruf als Alternative zum Notrufknopf

The intelligent home emergency system

The ellio home emergency system detects and reports unusual inactivity that may occur following a possible injury or unexpected illness of a person living alone in their own home.

Family members will be notified on their phone if the single relative may require assistance. This works automatically, even if the senior is unable to press an emergency call button on their own. ellio is the intelligent alternative to the emergency call button.

ellio the intelligent home emergency system
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Informs about inactivity
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App informs family members

Having assurance that relatives living alone are doing well.

Information about inactivity Notification via push message & mail
personalised setup of the device Individual time settings
add more family members Add more family members
no smartphone needed for seniors Seniors do not need a mobile phone
quick setup Ready for immediate use


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ellio informs in case of inactivity

ellio consists of an intelligent device - which is placed in a central location in the senior citizen’s flat, e. g. in the hallway, in front of the bathroom or in the kitchen, and the ellio app on the smartphone of the family members.

 The sensors inside the ellio registers movement in the flat and can detect changes. If specific signals are missing for a certain period of time, the person living alone may be inactive and in need of assistance. The automatic home emergency system ellio sends a warning to selected close relatives, friends or caregivers via phone or e-mail.

Data protection is respected

ellio works without a camera and voice recording. No personal data will be transferred from the apartment to the Internet. According to the highest data protection standards, all data is stored directly in the ellio in the flat.

Thanks to intelligent technology, only a possible warning or emergency signal is transmitted to the app of the helping family members.

The ellio home emergency system is about the size of a light switch and is ready for use immediately without any installation effort.


ellio's scope of supply


ellio with emergeny call button Intelligent home emergency system with emergency call button
ellio app Free ellio app for family members
Key chain for ellio Key chain to detect absence from home
integrated call button Extra emergency call button (optional)


ellio for homes with and without Wi-Fi:

ellio Device Wi-Fi incl. App
€299.00 incl. VAT.
No subscription, no setup costs

ellio Device Cellular & Wi-Fi incl. App
€389.00  incl. VAT.
No subscription, no setup costs,
incl. data for 10 years

feel save with the home emergency call and family

Benefits at a Glance

  • Works even without an active call for help
  • Informs the family and not an anonymous emergency call center
  • No additional costs when house call is triggered
  • An emergency call bracelet is not necessary
  • No installation costs, no installation effort
  • No camera and no transmission of personal data to the Internet
feel save with the home emergency call and family

ellio lets you know

If ellio does not contact you, there is no need to worry - the person living alone is following their daily routine. This makes regular control calls, just to check that everything is okay, unnecessary.

The house call ellio reports automatically in case of inactivity in the apartment. An emergency call bracelet with emergency call button does not need to be worn on the body. The person living alone has the option to distribute other small call buttons in their apartment or to use the keychain as an additional call button.

The ellio house call is maintenance-free and has no additional costs. The whole family stays connected via the home emergency call app. The elderly do not have to use the technology themselves or have their own mobile phone.

ellio the alternative to the emergency call button

The intelligent home emergency system - the alternative to the emergency call button

"Staying at home for a long time."

The ellio house call is an advanced home emergency system that offers older people and people with special needs more security and independence. The ellio house call allows additional functions such as controlling the temperature and humidity in the house or evaluating the lighting. In addition, family members or caregivers can access the system via a mobile app and receive notifications when an emergency or certain events occur in the home.

ellio is for those who need support in the case of a problem while living independently at home without having to wear an emergency call button on their body. For families who wish for their parents or grandparents to stay in their comfortable surroundings for a long time, ellio is an excellent choice.