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Setting up ellio system

ellio the intelligent home emergency system
Intellegent home emergency call

I. Scope of supply

  • the ellio device with emergency call button (available as Wi-Fi or LTE version)
  • stable stand
  • power cable and plug
  • key chain to detect removal from home
  • quick guide

II. Positioning ellio

compact ellio device Place ellio in a central location in the home, e.g. in the hallway, in front of the bathroom or the kitchen.
includes power supply Connect ellio to the power supply by using the supplied power cable.
keychain for ellio Attach the enclosed tag to the key chain of the person living alone.
ellio integrates into the home
wall mounted ellio
App for the home emergency call

III. Download the ellio app

free ellio app Download the app for your smartphone and follow the instructions in the app.
just sign up Please register yourself with your email address and a password of your choice. You will then receive an email with a safety code, which you will have to enter in the app.
informs about inactivity In order to fully use the ellio app, please turn on push notifications on your smartphone.

IV. Setup the ellio device

  • Activate the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone after setting up the app.
  • When ellio is successfully connected to the app via Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi connection can be set up next. This step can be skipped for the LTE version.
  • Next, the app will guide you through the settings to adjust sleep and rest times individually. In addition, you can set the time when you want ellio to send a notification to you in case of inactivity.
Adjust rest times for the inactivity monitor
Adjust rest times for the inactivity monitor
Families know if their relatives are doing

V. Add family members

Add more family members Add family members to the intelligent home emergency network easily and quickly.
Invite family members The family member then registers as a new user in the app as described above. After that, the relative can be added to the ellio device via an invitation link.